Berlinbeach Enhanced Management of Combined Sewerage

Project title

Berlinbeach – Development of a procedure designed to avoid discharges from the combined sewer into urban watercourses

Project initiator

KWB with contract with ecom.AG, FHTW and Botanisches Büro,

Project volume

54.400 €

Project start



5 months


The objective of the entire project is to develop an innovative solution for the problems arising from the storm water runoffs in Berlin and to re-establish a satisfactory bathing freshwater quality in parts of the urban watercourse of the River Spree. The procedure to be investigated, designed to avoid the discharge of combined sewerage into urban watercourses, is of national relevance. The environmental technology to be applied can be implemented at national level and is also suitable for the export to other countries. In the sub-project funded by the KWB the technical and operational feasibility – the prerequisites in terms of the implementation of the entire concept – will be analysed.



Dr. Peter Moll (ecomAG)
Tel: +49-221-139899-0
Email: info(at)

Dr. Bodo Weigert (KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin)
Tel: +49-30-53653 841
Email: Bodo.Weigert(at)

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