Events 2002

Seminar on household wastewater recycling

During the information seminar which was organized by the KWB at the UFA-Fabrik Berlin on 11 and 12 December 2002, the plants in operation in Berlin for the recycling of grey and rain water were the focus of interest. International companies from industry and economy as well as members of universities presented first results of the individual projects from a technical and economic point of view as well as the different caracteristics that became apparent in application and realization in Berlin and England. After the seminar 3 recycling units were visited.

Visit of American and Czech engineers to a pilot plant

Members of an association of civil engineers from the U.S.A. (ASCE) visited the KWB on 24 September 2002. After having manifested huge interest in the project NASRI they got an insight into the experiments on bank filtration at the pilot plant Marienfelde (UBA). Two days later a Czech delegation from F.ScVK (subsidiary of Veolia Water) and from SVS (owner of the drinking water treatment and wastewater plants) also benefitted from this visit.

Window of Science:

The Berlin Centre of Competence for Water and the Forschungsmarkt Berlin presented the Science exhibition "World of Water" from 11-15 September 2002 in the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. The science exhibition was a crowd puller: interested citizens, numerous school classes, amazed passers-by - the exhibition was well received by everybody. According to the motto: Scientists, leave your ivory tower and show the people on what topics and for which aims research is being done in the institutes and laboratories - after all water concerns everyone.

Visit of a SPD delegation and of municipal representatives from China

On 24 July 2002 the KWB welcomed the party leader, spokesman and spokeswoman for science and environment of the Berlin Social-Democratic Party (SPD) together with representatives of the municipal institution in the field of water from Tianjin (China). The KWB informed about water management in the region and presented its projects.

Scientific co-operation Europe / Korea

Scientists from Europe and Korea have participated on 10 and 11 July 2002 at a workshop organized by the KWB in order to define future topics which could become an object of bilateral co-operation in the framework of the 6th European Framework Programme for R&D projects. The KWB suggested to continue on the basis of the projects already started in Korea under the lead management of the Sustainable Water Resources Research Center, in particular projects on bank filtration, groundwater recharge and on treatment of wastewater by immersed membrane filtration. The Koreans were especially interested in the concept of separate treatment of domestic wastewater.