Events 2003

Platform discussion

Water symposium Berlin meets Paris

On October 23rd, 2003, water specialists from Paris and Berlin were invited by the KWB to exchange their experience at the dbb-Forum, Friedrichstrasse. With 180 participants, this event was very successful and should take place in Paris next year, as it was wished by the guests.

Series of lectures "Selected chapters of Civil Engineering"

from October 7th to December 9th, 2003 at the TFH Berlin (University of Applied Sciences) in cooperation with the KWB

Workshop "Development of environmental protection & urban infrastructure in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary"

in cooperation with the IHK Berlin and Wirtschaftsförderung Berlin International GmbH, 6 November 2003 in Berlin.

"Regulation and long-term investment in infrastructure provision – theory and policy"

Participation at and support of a workshop at the TU Berlin, working group Infrastructure policy, 11 October 2003 in Berlin.

Window of Science

in the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, Information on the topic "Pharmaceutical residues in water bodies - a risk for human beings and nature", 10-14 September 2003 in Berlin

Workshop Participants
KWB Exhibition stand

KWB Workshop on bank filtration

took place in the frame of the NASRI project from 10 to 12 June 2003 with about 70 national and international experts

Trade Fair Wasser Berlin 2003 (7-11 April 2003):

The KWB was represented with a whole range of activities at the trade fair and congress Wasser Berlin 2003:

Exhibition stand: Presentation of 11 projects also including the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises of the region.

Industry Forum: The cooperation with the VfW e.V. created the opportunity for the KWB to introduce the innovation potential and the products of the Berlin companies.

Information Exhibition: The KWB presented the educational "water box" to many school classes at the "Information exhibition - water is future"

Congress: Presentation "KWB - Research for the future"

Meeting Point Knowledge Values 1 April 2003

WaterWorlds - When water becomes wastewater...

Workshop "Management of Water Resources: New Decentralized Systems" 6 March 2003

German-French Meeting of scientists and companies in Berlin with the aim of initiating pilot projects for decentralized water supply and wastewater treatment systems in developing countries.

For further information please contact Dr. Bodo Weigert

Preluding event for the „Year of chemistry“

Information booth of the KWB on the topic "Water - our most important food", 30 January - 8 February 2003 in Berlin