IC NASRI - Integration and Consolidation of NASRI 1

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IC NASRI – Integration and Consolidation of NASRI 1

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200.685 €

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12 months


Bank filtration and artificial groundwater recharge via ponded infiltration are widely used, natural methods for drinking water pre-treatment. The NASRI-1 project at KWB (2002 – 2005) provided extensive field and experimental data as well as a good level of understanding of the purification processes in the subsurface in Berlin. However, there is a lack of transferable parameters and general recommendations as well as of comparison to other field sites that could serve to transfer the knowledge to other potential sites world wide.

The main task of the project IC-NASRI is to summarize scientific, technical and economic aspects of bank filtration and ponded groundwater recharge on the basis of the data and knowledge acquired during the NASRI-1 project. In collaboration with the former project partners the final project report will be edited and condensed. It will be published at the IWA. It is the first time a book about bank filtration is written consequently interdisciplinary as a monograph. A second part of the project is the comparison with international conditions and other field sites. This comprises:

    • A criteria catalogue for feasibility studies is developed.
    • An overview is given on technical solutions for pre-treatment of surface water, infiltration techniques and post-treatment.
    • The legal and framework is analysed for selected countries.
    • The behaviour of organic trace substances in Berlin and other worldwide data is worked up within a master thesis at UNESCO-IHE.
    • The removal efficiency of microbial contaminations is analysed for international field sites.

All results will be integrated into technical guidelines comprising recommendations for design and operation of bank filtration and recharge systems.



Dr. Gesche Grützmacher (KWB)

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