IDB India International Development of Bank Filtration

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International Development of Bank Filtration – Case study India

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KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH, Free University of Berlin, Working group Hydrogeology, Prof. Pekdeger

Project volume

321.200 €

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15 months


Bank filtration is a valuable method for both drinking water production and water treatment thus providing for a sustainable resources management. The treatment of highly loaded surface water has become a global issue of growing urgency. The implementation of innovative and cost-efficient technologies is getting increasingly essential for numerous countries. The experiences with bank filtration, sewage field irrigation and artificial groundwater recharge gained in Berlin during both practical and R&D status, could contribute to resolve these issues.

The great success of the ISMAR5 Symposium organised by KWB in June 2005, has clearly revealed the international relevance of the processes referred to and the strong interest in their worldwide launch.

The preparatory work and the process studies realised so far between 2002 and 2005 in the scope of the interdisciplinary NASRI project have however, been carried out solely at sites of the Berlin region.

The transferability of the process understanding is however, not yet given. Different climate conditions and a considerably higher contamination of the water bodies could limit the purification capacity thus involving a suitable additional treatment. The EU has already decided to foster the detailed examination of these issues in the scope of the TECHNEAU project to be realised between 2006 and 2010. The financial support of the EU amounts to approx. 700.000 €.

A feasibility study previous to the research project TECHNEAU will mainly analyse the geological, geochemical and hydraulic data.

The project’s objective is to assess the site’s suitability for the technology referred to considering the subsequent development towards its commercial exploitation. Another objective is the validation of the knowledge and guidelines yielded by the NASRI project.


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