ITZM Centre for Analytical Equipment

Project title

ITZM - Feasibility Study on the Creation of a Centre for Information and Testing of Analytical Equipment in the Water and Wastewater Sector

Project initiator

KWB with contract with HPL Umwelt-Consult GmbH, Adam + Schäfer GmbH, Enviatec GmbH

Project volume

59.968 €

Project start



6 months


The current application of measurement technology systems in the water and wastewater sector reveals a considerable savings capacity which could be developed by means of the creation of an Information and Testing Centre (ITZM) located in Berlin. This facility could evolve into an interdisciplinary working tool integrating the fields of environment protection, electronics, information technology, waste and resources management, economy and development aid in terms of education and training. Within the scope of a feasibility study, a number of basic issues were analysed, the results of which provided a sound basis for the realisation of the ITZM. This study presented possible alternatives and compared both advantages and disadvantages in order to obtain a decision basis for the Centre’s individual areas of activity. Furthermore, possible structures for its realisation as well as its resource needs and financing capabilities were examined.


Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Lühr (HPL Umwelt-Consult GmbH)
Tel: +49-30-4010 0703
Email: hp.luehr(at)

Dr. Bodo Weigert (KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin)
Tel: +49-30-53653 841
Email: Bodo.Weigert(at)

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