KOCBIT Control Strategies for WWTPs

Project title

KOCBIT - Knowledge-Based Control of Biological Treatment

Project initiator

WB with contract with 3S sensor-systems-solutions

Project volume

192.000 €

Project start



32 months


In order to meet the increasing demands towards the purification capacity of treatment plants, it will be necessary to implement operating procedures providing for both high operation reliability and process stability and in addition, leading to a cutback in the consumption of resources. Against this background, not only the process expenditures and ecobalance will have to be taken into account, but also numerous ancillary conditions (e.g. compliance with limit values). In order to cope with these requirements, it will be indispensable to employ advanced control methods. During the purification process, aeration and hydraulics activities are controlled in dependency of the technology used. The impact on the process is characterised by different time horizons, and external influences, e.g. the quality and quantity of the inflow, cannot be predicted. By means of the patented method “Procedure and Mechanism for the categorisation of system and process statuses” developed by the company 3S, the expertise of the plant staff will be preserved in terms of possible evaluation, and the inflow’s influence will be considered at the best possible rate. It is expected that the rate of typical discharge peaks will decrease, and the energy consumption and sludge quantity will be reduced. The longer-term application of the system in the wastewater treatment plant Ruhleben operated by the Berliner Wasserbetriebe, will exhibit to what extent this method may reveal any optimisation potential.



Dr. Bernd Heinzmann (Berliner Wasserbetriebe)
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Rolf-Jürgen Schwarz (Berliner Wasserbetriebe)
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