KWB Research Centre for applied Water Research

In December 2001 the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water was founded as a non-profit network society for water research and science transfer. The shareholders are Berliner Wasserbetriebe/Berlinwasser Holding GmbH and Technology Foundation Berlin (both with a 50 % holding).

In cooperation with other important representatives of the water research in the region, including various university departments, research institutions, and small and medium-sized enterprises, KWB prepares and carries out major research projects with the financial support of the shareholders and public funds. So far, more than 100 research projects with a total funding volume of EUR 38 million have been realised with more than 200 different national and international research partners (status 2016).

In addition, KWB organises international conferences, symposia and workshops, participates in trade fairs and exhibitions, and thus provides a significant contribution to the transfer of "water knowledge" to both professional circles and the interested public.