Karolin Restoration of Sewage Farm Berlin-Karolinenhöhe

Project title

Karolin – Analysis of the 10-year experimental operation of the sewage field of Karolinenhöhe for its exploitation using treated water

Project initiator

KWB with contract with BTU Cottbus

Project volume

17.725 €

Project start



5 months


The experimental operation of the former sewage field of Karolinenhöhe aiming at its exploitation using treated water has been initiated by the Berliner Wasserbetriebe as a justified use of a former sewage field in terms of environmental respect, water management and economical viability. After more than 10 years of experimental operation with treated effluents, the capacity and efficiency of the pilot site will be analysed according to the objectives quoted above. This project also takes into account the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive, since groundwater resources located under former sewage fields are often clearly contaminated and can be classified as endangered water bodies requiring measures to improve the quality of groundwater according to the standards of the European Water Framework Directive. In relationship with the discontinuance of the use of sewage fields, e.g. in Brandenburg, considerable deficits in the regional water balance and a corresponding decrease of the groundwater level have been registered. At the same time, securing the concerned former sewage field sites as defined by the law on ground protection is necessary and also meets the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive in order to improve the groundwater quality.


The project aims at evaluating the existing monitoring systems, gathering the data and checking their plausibility, in order to evaluate the characteristics of water and ground. The definition of the structure and the construction of a GIS-database are also planned, gathering the data and creating a reliable electronic database with all data related to properties and hydraulics over the whole experimentation time. This will be used as a basis for the final evaluation, with this first evaluation of the situation at the sewage field of Karolinenhöhe and the estimation of risks using selected analysis data.



Prof. Hans-Jürgen Voigt (BTU Cottbus, Chair of environmental geology)

Tel: +49-355-693138

Email: voigt(at)TU-Cottbus.de


Dr. Bernd Heinzmann (KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin)

Tel: +49-30-53653810

Email: bernd.heinzmann(at)bwb.de

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