NASRI Natural and Artificial Systems for Recharge and Infiltration

Research programme in Berlin to study the fate of pathogens and organics, geochemical processes and hydraulics in bank filtration and artificial recharge systems at laboratory, semi-technical and field scale.

Project partners : KWB, TUB, HU, FU, IGB, UBAProject volume : 4.989.331 €Project start :01.05.2002Duration :38 months

Bank Filtration Process
Monthly water sampling at field sites
Column studies


Bank filtration and artificial groundwater recharge have been used as a treatment process for a long time, and the mechanisms governing the removal of impurities and the chemical reactions of the water components have not been sufficiently understood. This was an obvious reason to initiate a larger cooperation project with the topic bank filtration and artificial groundwater recharge, with the major players in Berlin's water management.



The interdisciplinary project will concentrate on microorganisms and trace organic substances present in surface waters. It will be focused for example on questions of the behaviour and removal of pharmaceutical residues during bank filtration. The fate and the elimination of other specific trace substances as well as of bacteria and viruses are other objectives of the research programme. The outcomes will be guidelines for designing and/or operating bank filtration schemes.


Research facilities

- Laboratory experiments (i.e. Column studies)

- Marienfelde semi-technical site

- Bank filtration Transects Tegel and Wannsee

- Artificial recharge ponds


The project is funded by the private industry partners namely Veolia Water (formerly Vivendi Water) and the Berliner Wasserbetriebe.



- Berliner Wasserbetriebe: Dr. Bernd Heinzmann,

  Head Research & Development

- Veolia Water: Laurent Phan,

  Head of Dept. Management of Resources, Networks and Systems


Project planning: Pre-phase (2001) and Programme (2002-2004).

  • 2nd KWB Workshop on bank filtration (Project NASRI) took place on 3rd June 2004 at the dbb-Forum with approx. 130 participants from Germany and abroad

    Programme of the Workshop*



Artificial recharge pond in Tegel
Bank filtration abstraction well, lake Wannsee

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