OLIGO Restoration of Berlin Lakes

Project title

OLIGO - Threshold values for oligotrophication of Lake Tegel and Schlachtensee, Berlin

Project initiator

KWB with contract with Federal Environment Agency

Project volume

384.400 €

Project start



48 months


Due to the drastic and quick reduction in external phosphorus loads on the one hand and to the accompanying long-time analyses on the other hand, both Lake Tegel and Lake Schlachtensee are valuable models to study the impact of load reduction on water bodies. Their restoration has led to specific flagship projects aiming at the successful management of drinking water resources. Through the analysis of existing and project-generated data for both lakes, causalities and relevant mechanisms for oligotrophication should be obtained. The project will deliver as main outcome recommendations on supporting measures for lake quality restoration.

The results of the OLIGO Project are summarised in the Proceedings of the workshop "Perspectives of Lake Modelling towards Predicting Reaction to Trophic Change" held on 8/9 November 2008 in Berlin.


Dr. Ingrid Chorus (Federal Environment Agency)
Tel: +49-30-8903 1345
Email: ingrid.chorus(at)uba.de

Dr. Bernd Heinzmann (Berliner Wasserbetriebe)
Tel: +49-30-53653 810
Email: bernd.heinzmann(at)bwb.de

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