Project title

Optimization of flocculation for tertiary filtration processes and evaluation of sustainability of tertiary wastewater treatment (preparatory phase)

Project initiator

Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH

Project volume

301.160 €

Project start



12 months


The OXERAM projects aim at the development of a cost and energy efficient advanced tertiary wastewater treatment for disinfection and advanced phosphorus removal. The most sustainable solution for meeting the goals of the Water Framework Directive and to ensure the bathing water quality in Berlin surface waters will be identified.

OXERAM 1 is the preparatory phase for a larger 36 months project (OXERAM 2) which will include the assessment of pre-ozonation as pre-treatment to reduce membrane fouling and the assessment of the Discfilter® technology for advanced phosphorus removal. Additionally the sustainability of different processes for advanced wastewater treatment such as rapid filtration, membrane filtration, UV disinfection and ozonation will be evaluated in OXERAM 2.

The goals of OXERAM 1 are

  • The extension of the budget for OXERAM 2 by applying for funding
  • Definition of the long term research program
  • Technical design and project planning for OXERAM 2
  • Preparation of the necessary analytical tools



Ulf Miehe (KWB)


Boris Lesjean (KWB)


Regina Gnirß (BWB)


Financial support: