Main Research Areas


The KWB R&D plan includes research projects addressing key challenges related to water resources management and protection. The research activity is structured in three specialised departments listed below. The development of  research activities in the different fields benefits from strong collaboration with universities, research organisations and SME's of Berlin.



  • Sustainable use and conservation of groundwater resources

Groundwater is a major drinking water source in central Europe and other regions of the world. The activity of this department focuses on recharge systems for protecting and enhancing groundwater resources and on applied process analysis.


  • Point and non-point source pollution control of surface water

This department focuses on the observation, description, simulation, forecasting and control of substance and pollution flows and their impacts on surface water resources.


  • Advanced and sustainable solutions for water and waste water treatment technologies

Main topic of this department is the development of innovations in water and waste water treatment to protect the water resources.



According to its mission – promotion of research and development in the Berlin region - the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water is keen to develop new project initiatives.