@Techreport{RN1178, Author = {Seeber, K. and Hoa, E.}, Institution = {Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH}, Title = {Integration and Consolidation of Information on Pharmaceutical}, Year = {2010}, Abstract = {Within the study “IC-Pharma” a graphical benchmark of the occurrence of 30 priority pharmaceutical active compounds (PhACs) covering different therapeutic classes such as analgesics, antibiotics, lipid lowering drugs, beta blockers, tranquilizers, and cytostatics in the urban water cycle was conducted. The results are based on an extensive data set collected during several monitoring campaigns in Berlin and the Canton Zurich. This benchmark of the occurrence of priority pharmaceuticals allows water practitioners from other sites to compare detected concentrations of priority PhACs in STP effluents, surface water and groundwater.}, Project = {ic-pharma}, En_type = {Report}, Access = {public}, Url = {https://publications.kompetenz-wasser.de/pdf/Seeber-2010-1178.pdf}, en_id = {1178} }