Data-driven Sewer Asset Management in Germany and Israel

KWB is leading the way in managing sewer infrastructure assets by harnessing the powerful synergy of digital intelligence and environmental responsibility. Our new project, DASAM, exemplifies our commitment to improving sewer infrastructure asset management through the power of digital transformation. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of data to assist utilities in developing sustainable short-term rehabilitation plans and long-term investment strategies.

Harnessing cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence, we are collaborating with scientific partners from Germany and Israel, industry experts, and end users from the water and digital sectors to create innovative solutions. These solutions will be implemented at major demonstration sites in Berlin, Germany, as well as Netanya and Kfar Yona, Israel, to showcase the diverse urban landscapes, networks, climate conditions, and digital transformations of both countries. Our key innovations include integrating observed sewer inspection data into deterioration modelling to enhance simulation accuracy, coupling machine learning with physical models to improve the transferability of deterioration modelling techniques, and incorporating carbon footprint assessment into asset management decision-making processes to prioritize environmental considerations.

By instilling confidence in data-driven asset management for utilities and fostering the large-scale market uptake of smart digital solutions, DASAM is spearheading transformative change in Germany, Israel and beyond.

Project partners

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