MBR 4.0: Development of digital solutions for the optimisation of membrane bioreactors

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The use of digital technologies in the water industry is increasing. The project MBR4.0 is designed to investigate possible applications of digital technologies in the field of decentralised wastewater treatment by membrane bioreactors (MBR). In particular, the operation and the sensitive area of maintenance of MBR systems are to be improved by digital systems.

The goals of the project MBR 4.0 are:

  • Process monitoring, control and visualization in real-time and development of a smart maintenance application

  • Optimisation of MBR process operation by means of modelling and simulation

  • Optimisation of aeration in terms of energy efficiency by means of smart load-dependent control

  • Optimisation of maintenance operations by means of predictive maintenance of critical components

  • Operation of an MBR pilot plant featuring optimised control and maintenance at a WWTP site in Berlin

  • Development of new business models for digital transformation and increase of export qualification

The new approach for control concepts and maintenance management offers a novel key technology which can quickly and reliably ensure the needs-based maintenance of MBR plants for decentralised wastewater treatment.

Project partners

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