Transfer Phase: Planning Criteria for Climate-just Cities - netWORKS4

The design of climate-resilient or even climate-just cities requires an integrated urban development. A particular potential lies in the potential of blue and green infrastructures plus their coupling with grey elements (grey = technical infrastructure, green = green urban areas, blue = water bodies).

The aim of the netWORKS4 project is to initiate the sustainable management of rainwater and grey water with coupled blue-green-grey infrastructures in cities for climate change adaptation. In its first project phase, netWORKS4 has produced the following results (10/2016 to 9/2020):

  • Comprehensive assessment of the potential of green, blue and grey measures for rainwater and grey water management to mitigate climate change impacts and to achieve the urban planning goals

  • Transfer of the assessment results into a simple target matrix and info cards facilitating the planning practice

  • Further development of the KURAS methodology for the planning of rainwater and greywater management

  • Application and testing of adaptd KURAS methodology in several areas in Berlin-Pankow and the City of Norderstedt

  • Proposal for an approach to quantify the resilience of drainage systems/water infrastructures

In the current transfer phase, the focus lies on the transfer of knowledge into communal practice. To this end, the following tasks will be performed in accordance with the planning practice:

  1. Consolidation of the planning method in the partner cities and transfer to other German municipalities

  2. Validation and completion of the planning tool, particularly the „info cards“

  3. Application of the resilience assessment for a development area in Berlin considering the functionality and risks of the individual measures

  4. Cooperative solutions for the planning, implementation and operation of coupled infrastructures in order to ensure their permanent safe operation

KWB supports items 1 and 2 regarding the technical and scientific expertise and, in addition, is responsible for the implementation stated under item3.

Project partners

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