Developing an Advanced Pump Database For Drinking Water Well Fields

Today, groundwater is one of the most important fresh water resources in big cities of the world. On one hand, the population growth and urban development and on the other hand, climate change and decreasing precipitation will increase the vital role of underground water resources to supply water for the cities, therefore an increase in the energy consumption in well fields has to be expected. It is becoming more difficult to ignore the cost of pumping energy for water stakeholders in Germany and Europe. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in optimisation of energy consumption in different fields. The goal of this study is first to design a relational database to store the information of submersible pumps and second to develop a database management system for this pump database. The pump database is intended to be used in prototype model software aiming at the minimisation of a well field's pump energy demand. To this end, two approaches of assessing the necessary data for submersible pumps, and building a relational database are going to be discussed in this study. Finally, two applications with graphical user interfaces which have been developed by using the programming language “R” are presented for loading the data into the database, visualizing the database tables and plotting the pump curves.

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