Condition-dependent removal of 38 organic constituents during bank filtration

Managed aquifer recharge provides efficient removal for many organic water constituents but it is a difficult task to quantify removal under field conditions: Observed concentrations often scatter and may be biased by subsurface mixing of different waters. Removal efficiency is affected by different environmental parameters, such as redox potential, travel times, threshold values, and also field site specifics. In addition, it is crucial to know the corresponding surface water concentration for all samples. We developed a method, which overcomes these difficulties, quantifies the efficiency and removal kinetics and is applicable to extensive databases. It combines both, statistical and graphical evaluation which allows the determination of precise values and also interpretation based on expert knowledge. The database of this study was collected within the NASRI project between 2002 and 2005 at two bank filtration sites (Tegel BF, Wannsee BF) and one basin aquifer recharge site (Tegel AR) in Berlin. In total, 38 organic constituents were analysed (Table 1).

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